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Finding the best Sports Bars with
the tap of an app

How the Sports Bars app works

Opening Day Game takes immense pride in introducing the ultimate Sports Bars app that helps you find the best sports bars in the US. Unlike other apps that provide a list of bars, we focus on identifying the absolute best sports bar in a city or the best sports bar near a college campus.

 OH! That Bar!

Our standout feature, OH! That Bar, takes the hassle out of searching for the perfect spot. With over 1,200+ US cities and 1,700+ colleges covered, our talented team has made it incredibly easy for you to find the ultimate sports bar experience.
Using our OH! That Bar feature, you can discover the best sports bar in less than a minute. No more scrolling through endless options or spending hours researching. Let our team do the work for you and save you valuable time. Whether you're looking for the best sports bar in a specific city or near a college campus, we've got you covered.

Don't just take our word for it, give it a try yourself.


Simply select a city or college for OH! That Bar and witness the speed and efficiency of our app firsthand. Say goodbye to endless searches and hello to the perfect sports bar experience.


Get started with our Sports Bars app today!

 Coming Soon!


The Tasty Exchange

An on-line marketplace where college
students receive free gift cards from local and national restaurants.

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